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Visit your MP – you can really make an impact by arranging to meet and speak to your representative during their local surgery hours.  If you would like support approaching your MP/MSP/AM/MLA to schedule a visit , or would like someone to accompany you, please contact us for assistance.

Write to your MP – MPs serve to represent their constituents, so make sure your own MP/MSP/AM/MLA is aware of your views and concerns about threat to services in your area.

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Here is a template letter for the Department of Health Consultation  that you can use.  View  /  Download

Another letter template for the Department of Health Consultation:  View  /  Download

Postcard below for the Department of Health Consultation (to print and send by mail):
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4H NHS Homeopathy postcard to keep services

Get involved with your local NHS services:

CCG oversight committees to be part of the decision making

Join a Healthwatch committee

Join your CCG as a lay member or attend a meeting. Find your local CCG

Join your Scottish health board as a lay member or attend a meeting. Find your local NHS health board

Share your experiences – with us, friends and family, anyone. The more people who are aware of the benefits of homeopathy, and who know someone for whom homeopathy has been successful, the more difficult it is to refute its efficacy. Share your experience.

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