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Patient MP Letter


Dear <Your MP>,


I am writing regarding the Government’s proposed consultation on whether GPs should be allowed to continue prescribing homeopathic remedies.

The NHS currently spends an estimated £110,000 on homeopathic remedies, a tiny fraction of the NHS budget. However, preventing doctors from prescribing these remedies will not even save that money, because patients will still need other treatment.

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Banning homeopathic prescriptions goes against the drive towards individualised, patient centred care in modern healthcare and will deprive me personally of the medicines I depend on.

Homeopathy has been part of the NHS since its inception. It is used widely across the EU, and in countries such as France and Germany, an integral part of their health service. Studies have shown that when homeopathy is used, costs are reduced and patient outcomes improved.  I find it outrageous that our NHS is even considering removing homeopathic medicines given its health benefits and cost-savings.

The availability of NHS homeopathy has declined in the past 10 years following a sustained campaign by a small number of individuals and lobby groups. It began in 2006 with a letter that was written unauthorised on Department of Health (DH) headed paper by a group of individuals telling Primary Care Groups to stop funding homeopathy, and is culminating now with threats of legal action against the DH and various Clinical Commissioning Groups.  This reduction in availability has not been driven by clinicians nor patients, but by a very determined lobby group.

I am therefore seeking your support for the right of highly skilled doctors to prescribe homeopathic remedies (when they believe it to be the best treatment option), and to stand up for patients like myself whose health has benefitted from homeopathy.

It is not right that patients suffer and Government policy changed by this lobby group pressure.

<Your MP>
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA


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