NHS homeopathy in Bristol

Homeopathy services in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire are under threat! Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has launched a consultation which ends on 15th April wanting the public’s view. It’s simple to complete and will only take five minutes at most. To ensure homeopathic services remain in Bristol please take part today!

Complete the online survey

There is a comment field and if you want, why not add:

  1. it seems premature for Bristol CCG to be re-consulting about homeopathic services when NHS England’s decision to remove funding of homeopathic medicines is being legally challenged
  2. the Science and Technology report is not peer reviewed research and it was not endorsed by Government. Over 70 MPs signed an early day motion against it.
  3. there is no patient testimony given or outcome evaluation of the service to merit any views to cut the service
  4. what will patients do without these services? The CCGs fail to outline what will be provided in place of homeopathy when most patient use the services precisely because the usual approaches have not worked and they have not got well
  5. your experiences with homeopathy
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