Thousands sign up in support of NHS homeopathy

Almost 35,000 people signed the BHA’s parliamentary petition calling on NHS England to continue to allow doctors to prescribe homeopathy and herbal medicine.

The petition was launched last September when NHS England announced it was it was considering removing herbal and homeopathic medicines from GP prescribing. In less than two weeks it had attracted over 10,000 signatures, a level of support that requires the government to issue an official response. When it came it offered no surprises, predictably reiterating the all too familiar line that it was “for local NHS organisations to decide on the commissioning and funding of these treatments”.

Nevertheless, this did not deter supporters of NHS homeopathy who continued to sign the petition in their thousands until it closed on 13 March 2018.

Cristal Sumner, BHA chief executive, said: “We are delighted at the level of support the petition received and I’d like to thank everyone who has signed and promoted it.”

The BHA is continuing to defend NHS homeopathy and patient choice, and is seeking a judicial review of the NHS England consultation on the grounds it was fundamentally flawed.

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