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Save Homeopathy and Herbal Medicines on the NHS


We have less than 2 weeks left to reach the target and push for a debate in parliament about homeopathy and herbal medicines on the NHS. The consultation which prompted the petition is being challenged legally and the more signatures the better visibility of the issue by those reviewing the case and MPs. Importantly this does not just concern current users of NHS facilities, but also everyone who might be in need of these services in the future.

If you believe in free choice in health care and want to see options available for people who can’t be helped by conventional medicine, and could never afford private care, vote now and please pass the link on as widely as you can.

Sign the parliamentary petition

NB: Your vote will not be counted until you have received an email from the petition organisers and clicked back on their link. It appears that these emails are going in to the junk folders of many people and so the votes are never confirmed. If you do not receive an email within a couple of minutes of voting please check your junk mail.

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