The Government responds to our petition

Save Homeopathy and Herbal Medicines on the NHS

This morning, the Government responded to our petition to prevent NHS England abolishing GP prescriptions of herbal and homeopathic medicines. We now have over 14,600 signatures, so an official response was expected.

In essence, the government hasn’t replied to the evidence brought forward in favour of homeopathic and other complementary treatments. Their response blames the rising costs of all prescriptions, citing the need to cut medicines considered of low clinical value. Despite all evidence provided proving the benefits of homeopathy, the statement concludes that:

“… We are not aware of any evidence that demonstrates the therapeutic effectiveness of homeopathic products.”

Department of Health, Government responded

Please, we urge you to read about the clear and proven benefits of homeopathy, and our answers to the most common questions and challenges. We realise that homeopathy is controversial, and that very strong and seemingly incontrovertible statements are made about it. The Homeopathy Research Institute’s frequently asked questions, is a compilation of the most common accusations, along with answers according to available scientific evidence.

Then, please take a look at the Homeopathy Evidence Check rebuttal of the questionable and biased manner a previous evidence check on homeopathy was carried out, by the UK Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee, in 2010.


What can you do?

In the new light cast by this report, and with the window on the consultation closing fast (on the 21st October 2017), it is imperative that you act, quickly.

Complete the NHS consultation document, while the consultation is still open. You only have until the 21st, then it’s too late! Yes, it is a long and complex form, but you don’t have to fill it all in. We’re here to help, and have prepared a handy guide to help you complete the most important sections.

Please support our motion by signing our petition to parliament. While there, you can read the government’s response in full.

If you haven’t written to your MP yet, please do so now. By writing now, you can mention the government’s lukewarm response. Even if you have already written, consider this your chance to write again and let them know how you feel about today’s response. Tell them what you think of its generic nature and flawed argument, and how it disregards all presented evidence.

You can quickly find your local MP and their address using the UK Parliament’s search facility. If you feel intimidated about writing to an MP, and don’t know what to say or how to cover all the facts, don’t worry, we’ve prepared a template letter as a handy starting point. Please re-word it in your own way, referring to the latest response, so that the letter is not discarded or ignored.

It may seem obvious, but please help spread the word. Tell everyone you think will be interested, by word of mouth, mail, social media or any means you can think of.

And, of course, please contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you.

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