Write to Your MP about the NHS consultation on Homeopathy and Herbal Medicines

Save homeopathy and herbal medicine

NHS England is currently in a consultation process, with the clear aim of abolishing prescriptions of Homeopathic and Herbal Medicines. You are not powerless, there are a several things you can do, including writing to your constituency’s MP.

Make sure your MP knows how you feel on this issue, the threat to Homeopathic and Herbal medicines is so great. To make this process easy and painless for you, we’ve prepared a letter for you to print, sign and send. All you need to do is insert your MP’s name, and the date. As you may not know your MP and their address, we’re also providing a link to find your MP and their parliamentary and constituency address.


  1. Find your MP and their contact information
  2. NHS England Consultation letter to MPs
  3. Read the facts about how Homeopathy and Herbal medicine are a positive force when prescribed by the NHS
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