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Homeopathy Awareness Week

Homeopathy Awareness Week runs from April 10 – the birthday of homeopathy founder Samuel Hahnemann – until April 16.

During this week, 4Homeopathy and the homeopathic community highlight homeopathy’s many benefits to health and wellbeing.

This is particularly important at these difficult times, when many people are feeling anxious about the future, and about the health of themselves and their loved ones.

Remember, many homoeopaths are able to do virtual consultations if you need any support.

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Coronavirus disease COVID – 19  advice from the UK Homeopathic Community

In the wake of the new strain of Coronavirus disease, COVID-19 we felt it would be helpful to publish some guidelines.

All advice from the chief medical officer is based around hygiene and prevention. WE CANNOT STRESS STRONGLY ENOUGH THAT THESE MEASURES ARE OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE AND EVERYONE SHOULD BE ADVISED TO FOLLOW THEM. They are vital both for our own health, and also for those with whom we come into contact. 

This advice includes:-

Frequent hand washing – with warm soapy water or high alcohol based hand sanitisers. It is particularly important to wash hands after travelling and after blowing your nose. Practitioners should always wash their hands before and after contact with patients.  Avoid anti-bacterial washes without high alcohol content as they do not eradicate viruses. Look for hand sanitisers containing 65-95% alcohol. For further information on effective hand washing go to

Considerate Cough Hygiene – it is important to catch coughs and sneezes in a clean tissue where possible. This greatly reduces the spread of droplets and any infective organisms. Tissues should be disposed of thoughtfully so that others do not come into contact with them. Avoid touching other people or objects until you are able to wash or sanitise your hands again. 

Avoid touching your face – this is especially important when you are out and haven’t recently washed your hands. Viruses can survive on objects or our own hands and can enter our systems through the mouth, nose and eyes. Avoid touching or rubbing your face with unclean hands. 

Avoid contact with large numbers of people – and refrain from close physical contact with associates and colleagues such as handshakes or hugs. 

Isolation – if you are concerned you may have contracted the virus, do not go directly to your GP or other medical service. Instead, phone 111 for guidance and maintain self-isolation until you are advised otherwise. 

For further information see official guidance from the UK government, the UK NHS and World Health Organization 

What we know about Coronavirus disease– COVID 19

Coronavirus disease, COVID-19 can cause colds, influenza-like symptoms and pneumonia. It appears to have the most severe effect on the elderly and people with existing medical conditions – particularly those with respiratory problems. 

There are no scientific trials available for homeopathic, or any other, treatment of Coronavirus disease– COVID 19.

How can I increase my immunity? 

  • Eating healthily, including at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
  • Staying well hydrated.
  • Regular, moderate exercise.

Additional measures for which there is some evidence for reducing the length and/or severity of upper respiratory tract infections include regular supplements of probiotics, vitamins C and D and Zinc.

Can homeopathy help?
Homeopathic medicines have been used extensively for flu-like symptoms and in epidemics around the world. If you decide to take a homeopathic medicine, this should be in addition to the various measures outlined above and should not be your only approach. Selection of the most appropriate homeopathic medicine is based on an individual’s unique symptoms. However, Gelsemium 30c and Bryonia 30c are commonly used for flu-like symptoms and have a long-established, traditional usage over many years. 

Homeopathic options can form one part of your approach to the current Covid-19 outbreak but should always be used alongside other measures. If you have current symptoms or are concerned that you may have been exposed to coronavirus, it is important to call 111 to seek appropriate advice, in keeping with current guidelines.



4H releases first edition of newsletter

As we reach the end of 2019, 4H has put together a round-up of news and activities from the year. It is the first edition of a periodic newsletter to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on. A perfect read for this festive period to catch up on anything you’ve missed.

Download the full newsletter here 4H Newsletter 2019


4H issues joint statement clarifying that homeopathy and vaccination are separate topics following incorrect media reports

NHMRC’s First Report released in Australia after successful worldwide campaign

Release the first report - Show Australia the world is watching!

Do you know that NHMRC carried out its review of Homeopathy TWICE?

Do you know that it BURIED any evidence of the first Report? Then they did the whole thing again and published the SECOND report.

The public had a right to know the TRUTH. We needed your help!

And we succeeded…

Understand how inaccurate research in Australia is damaging homeopathy worldwide. Ombudsman verdict on the AHA/HRI Challenge to this report is imminent.

Thousands of people from countries around the world signed up to the campaign on!

Release the First Report built on its sister campaign, Your Health Your Choice, launched last summer which achieved huge success, generating over 100,000 signatures in Australia.

The full story Background Sign our petition

Threat to Animal Homeopathic Treatments by the RCVS

The Council of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) is effectively threatening legal action, under the Animal Welfare Act, if a vet or owner use homeopathy or other complementary medicines.

Unopposed, and out of the protection of EU law, the corporate pharmaceutical industry could reign supreme.


A response has been delivered to the RCVS, on the anniversary of the statement change, by CAM4Animals.

The BAHVS has just met with the newly-elected president of the RCVS. We will post more detailed news as soon as they become available.

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